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Welcome, this is the online research stuff (focused on art, photography, motion picture and animation) of Claudio Burtschenko, Hamburg based Art Director & Developer. Enjoy your visit ...

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The illusion of life


Partitura 001


Bashnia Tatlina Tower Bawher

ryoji ikeda for honda - data.anatomy [civic]

motion feel

Metal Foundation [Slab] / [baragaño]


Alcro - Shakin

Destrukt by UFO

Nuit Blanche (Making of)

explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. Watch the “Full Movie

Tactile Waveforms

Süperfad’s latest short film, directed by Nando Costa, explores the connections between science, mathematics and music. Drawings representing a musical score are released into stylized landscapes that illustrate conditions through which sounds travel …


jetcoaster romance